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 In 1998 we initiated our plans to create what was to be the first privately owned aircraft in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. That vision came to life in Oct 2000 when we operated our first flight with our first aircraft, a Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

We have progressively grown Jordan Aviation during the years since with the narrow body aircraft being joined by our first Wide Body aircraft, an AIRBUS A310, some 2 years later in 2003. Since that date the company has developed in all areas including the expansion of our operating permit to become approved for World Wide operations.

We are a member of IATA and also hold IOSA [IATA Operational Safety Audit] accreditation since first attaining it in 2006 having achieved the standard and having the laid down procedures running through our company to meet the stringent requirements of the audits performed by a team of approved IATA auditors at each renewal since that first accreditation.

Over the years, our fleet has increased to enable us to offer a range of aircraft types to suit the needs of the markets we serve – we now have the Airbus A320 aircraft that has joined our Boeing 737 aircraft and these can be

seen operating to the Far East , Africa and Northern Europe. Our wide body aircraft have ETOPS capability and operate around the globe to destinations in the Far East, Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East, Africa and Europe and across the South Atlantic to countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and various Caribbean nations.

We have provided aircraft on Wet Lease operations to a number of airlines in Europe, the Middle East, Northern & Central Africa and this will continue. We have a range of passengers flights with Holiday charters charter flights operating under our prefix JAV also the ongoing development of our Scheduled Services operating under our R5 flight prefix as allocated to us by IATA.

We are proud to be a provider the United Nations carrying their Peace Keeps to the 4 corners of the world, and the UN World Food Programme, in assisting them with the critical, humanitarian missions they perform. I had the pleasure of travelling to New York to address the United Nations when we pledged our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and the 10 Principals that this encompasses. In 2010, we moved in to our own facility at Queen Alia International Airport which brought together all of the sections that manage & control our aircraft in to our Operations & Technical Center.

Here we undertake the maintenance of our own aircraft and also client airlines from other countries. We have our Operations and Engineering infrastructure and also the important elements of our Safety, Aviation Security and Quality all working together in one place. The credit for our achievements is to be attributed to the vision and plan of the Board of Directors and our Senior Management Group and that has enabled us to achieve positive financial results year on year since commencing operations. This has been supported by the efforts of everyone working in our airline, from our Flight Deck and Cabin Crews operating the flights, to Engineers and Mechanics providing the technical support through to a whole group of our employees supporting the operation from our Head Office in central Amman and our Operations & Technical Centre at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman by providing a range of services to ensure a safe and secure operation.

We will continue to develop our company and see our expansion in to other areas and destinations and, in doing so, will maintain our standards to ensure a Safe and Secure operation.

Strength on Earth – drawn from the Skies

Our management team come from different backgrounds but approach their work with real energy and passion, bringing vital experience.

Capt. Mohammed Al Khashman
JAV Chairman

Born in May 21, 1961 Salt, Jordan. As an entrepreneur, Captain Mohammad Khashman set out in 1998 to establish Jordan Aviation which emerged as a pioneering step in advancing the aviation industry in the country and the region. Today, Captain Khashman steers Jordan Aviation as its Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer having transformed it from a single narrow-body aircraft operation to a mixed fleet of narrow and wide-body aircraft operating around the world .

P.O. Box: 922358, Amman 11192, Jordan

Capt. Zuhair Al Khashman
Chief Executive officer

was Born in July 1983 Graduated from Mid-East Aviation Academy in 2006 as Private Licenced Pilot (PPL) as well as Information Technology Bachelor Degree Holder graduated from Applied Science University - Amman in 2004, with a total experience of 15 Years in Airlines and Aviation Assets Management. His Rich experience had influenced the company achievements and driven the company success to be considered one of the most successful airlines in the region. His Passionate about aviation business had driven the company success to an outstanding level and his lead had steered the growth of the airlines to an exceptional position among similar regionally based companies.

P.O. Box: 922358, Amman 11192, Jordan

Mr. Bassam Mohsen
Chief finance and Admin Officer

Mr. Bassam Grduated from philidilphia university in 2000, holding a bachelor degree in accounting, joined jav in feb 2000 and since then he was going up in the finance department from only accountant to become the CFO, through these years he participated in building the financial and the accounting system in the company to match the international industry standards. Through the long service in JAV, he has the chance to build up different types of experience such as, aviation commercial, scheduled service, aviation legal aspects, regulation and some other segments related to the airlines business. In addition to this duty as CFO, he is a board member in JAV and some other companies in the group.

P.O. Box: 922358, Amman 11192, Jordan

Hamzeh Al Khashman
Deputy CFO

The young businessman, Hamzeh Al-Khashman, the son of the great businessman Captain Mohammed, he was born in 1989, Graduated from Jordan university 2012 with bachelor Degree in business administration, started his career in 2007 as an accountant.

He showed the most beautiful examples of Jordanian youth successfulness, being promising, and ambition.

Proving this during a short period of creativity and unprecedented development through the management of several companies to his father before he was discharged to manage Sundays for Travel &Tourism in 2011.

P.O. Box: 922358, Amman 11192, Jordan

Michael Hawkins
COO and General Manager

Joined Jordan Aviation in Nov 2018 originally as Chief Technical Officer then promoted to Chief Operations Officer and also approved by CARC, the Jordanian Aviation Authority, as Accountable manager

Has over 50 years of experience in the Aviation Industry experienced at Director Level for Flight & Ground Operations, Maintenance & Engineering and Administration

P.O. Box: 922358, Amman 11192, Jordan

Capt Adnan Altakrouri
Head of flight Ops


Nafez Zahdeh
Head of Quality


Mr. Munir abdul samad
Head of Ground Operation


Ayman Abd Al Hady
Legal Advisor


Ibrahim Khoury
Finance Manager


Ganna Karaim
Planning Manager


Anas Mohsen
Commercial Manager


Mohammad Abaza
Human Resources Manager


Mutaz Khashman
IT Manager


Jumana Zaidan
Assistant Internal Audit Manager


Mohammad Hijazi
Planning Assistant


Jordan Aviation is a modern, growing and progressive Airline with 700 staff members, the Sister Companies employ another 150 staff members.

Al-Arabia for Skills Development is a professional Training Center dedicated to providing the finest training for Airline Personnel, with full time, highly qualified instructors in the region and with outsourced and contracted specialized training.


Sundays Travel and Tourism


AlUrdniah Travel & Tourism

Dubai - Deira - opposite clock tower

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Jordan Aviation Office / Jeddah

Adham Commercial Center Opposite Radbson Blue Madina Al Munawwarah Road In the direction of the country / ground floor

  • Tel: 0555094426



Jordan Aviation was founded in 1998 as a privately owned Jordanian Airline headquartered in Amman, by the ambitious determined entrepreneur Captain Mohammed AL-Khashman. Captain Khashmans vision was realized in October 2000 when JATE obtained its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and commenced operation in November 2000. This realization was appreciated once again as JATE became a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO).Between the years 2001 and 2003 Jordan Aviation concentrated its activities on charter contracts with the U.N peace keeping troops and now it is their favored vendor. The United Nations acknowledged JATEs efforts by granting it several awards and recognition letters.As a result of declaring Aqaba as an open sky territory and due to the relaxation of the civil air regulations the company relocated its operation to King Hussein International Airport, and launched its first flight from there in 2003. During the years 2005 and 2007 JATE operated programmed charter flights from King Hussein International Airport to destinations in the region like Kuwait, Doha, Alexandria, and Bahrain.JATE's charter routes now cover the Globe.

In 2006 JATE started leasing its aircraft to other Arab and foreign airlines on Dry Lease basis especially during the peak periods. On that same year JATE completed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and a re-audit in 2008, thus becoming one of the youngest airlines to complete this audit with no findings, joining the worlds leading airlines in their commitment to global safety and security.The Airline, last October, signed a set of aircraft acquisition deals for 10 Different size and capacity aircrafts which are being deployed to achieve the company goals, meet corporate objectives, facilitate the implementation of the five year plan, and meet the projected growth in air traffic and travel in the region. SWICORP, the leading corporate equity and investment firm, purchased a strategic stake in Jordain Aviation by financing the acquisition of the new Aircraft, thus providing JATE with the financial resources and strategic support required to drive further growth in the coming years and With JATEs excellent track record of growth and strong commitment to customers and employees this transaction will be a compelling next step forward in JATEs evolution.

Jordan Aviation started with one Aircraft and 28 employees, now the airline is currently operating 17 Boeings and Airbuses with others joining as business grows. The Aircraft are being served by 650 staff members, a number that will reach 1200 by the middle of next year. The Airline s long term strategic plans are to operate 30 aircraft by 2013.Because of its well structured long term strategic plan,

in addition to Captain Khashman s vision JATE is on its way to become a public shareholding company within ten years, and on top of all that JATE s continuous quest for comprehensive management, total quality management (TQM), safety management system(SMS), security management system (SEMS,AVSEC), and the willingness to challenge the business in the airline industry Jordan Aviation is now number one airline in the Middle East region in charter Business with a remarkable market share. In addition to that JAV was globally and locally recognized not just by the United Nations, but also by the WFP, as well as by World wide Governments and Establishments. Jordan Aviation also received His Majesty King Abdulla the second reward for the top 10 projects in improving Aqaba economics.

Jordan Aviation Airline will continue its efforts in achieving the global recognition by its efficiency, and its readiness in structuring its operations with the highest standards of safety and security. As well as continuous improvement and quality services delivered by highly trained teams consisting of outstanding individuals, in order to maintain its position in the airline industry as the number one airline in the Middle East Region in Charter Business.


Jordan Aviation is a modern, growing and progressive Airline with 700 staff members, the Sister Companies employ another 150 staff members.

a In order for the Airline to support its operations, a policy was established to pick up fresh university graduates and train them to run the different operations and put them on the career path in various areas such as Ground Handling, Secretariat, Ticketing, Reservation, Maintenance, Type Rating for pilots, Managerial skills, Supervisory skills, Audit, Accounting, IT, Marketing, etc.
Jordan Aviation provides golden employment opportunity, as well as exceptional training curriculum at its sister company that includes ground school, simulator, line training (250 hrs).

Training is held at the sister company “Arabia for Professional Skills Development” where OSHA courses that complies with OSHA standards “Occupational safety and Health Association” are being conducted and an “OHSA card” which qualifies trainees as Occupational Safety and Health supervisors as well.

For Trainee Pilots, JATE grants excellent trainee incentives, with free life insurance, free medical insurance, and free travel and hotel accommodation. Flying exceptional routs, in a very relaxed cockpit environment, in addition to offered discounts as well as reasonable installments, all together a package that provides an attractive job opportunity after graduation with great benefits.

If interested in a career with us Click here for our online application.

These Free flight training manuals can help you. You can download these free aviation manuals and pilot training manuals right here.

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • UN Manuals
  • UN Food requested Manuals
  • FASM
  • Engineering Manuals
  • Risk Manuals
  • CSR Manual
  • Creative Manual
  • دليل الحاكمية المؤسّسية
  • دليل الموارد البشرية
  • دليل إدارة المعرفة
  • دليل إدارة الخدمات
  • ميثاق متلقي الخدمة


JAV has aircraft types to meet most requirements raging from the narrow body Airbus A320 & Boeing 737 types to the wide body Airbus A330-200 , Boeing 777-300 and Boeing B767 offering different passenger capacities to meet market requirements –Details are shown below

Registration A/C Type Configuration ENGINE MTOW (T)
JY-JAC A320-211 168 YC CFM56-5A1 73.5
JY-JAT A320-211 166 YC CFM56-5A1F 73.5
JY-JVA A330-200 12 FC+42 BC+183 YC RB211 Trent-700 233
JY-JVB A330-200 326 YC RB211 Trent-700 233
SU-KHP B777-300 12 FC+42 BC+310 YC RB211 Trent-800 299
JY-JAL B 767-200 290 YC CF6-80A2 159
JY-JAG B 767-200 12 BC+235 YC CF6-80A2 159
JY-JAP B 737-400 168 YC CFM56-3 68
JY-JAX B 737-300 148 YC CFM56-3 61
JY-JAD B 737-300 148 YC CFM56-3 59
JY-JAY B 737-300 148 YC CFM56-3 61
SU-KHM B 737-500 121 YC CFM56-3 60


Note: We are still looking for agents from all over the world to apply for:

 Mr. Anas Mohsen

Mr. Hussein Alfaouri

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Head office: Office of Reservation Branch Um Uthaina King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Street Building No. 55

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Office of the reservation of Jabal Al Hussein / Firas Circle Building No. 28

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Office Reservation Branch Downtown / Street Salt Building No. 41 in front of the old Central Bank

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Office of Reservation Branch of Aqaba

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