Based on the goals of Jordanian Aviation airlines to improve the level of services provided to all members of the community and to know the level of satisfaction with services provided to the community. Therefore,Kindly complete this questionnaire by answering the questions and choosing the answer that reflects the impressions and feelings that you have created as a result of your dealings with the company.
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Commitment to work as a responsible organization in society
1 The company works on sustaining its relations with the various public institutions and cooperates with them to provide advanced services commensurate with its role in serving the community.
2 The company works on providing services that ensure equality for all community categories.
3 The company strives to deliver information about its work in several ways to all members of the community.
4 The company has a prominent and vital role in its interaction with society and striveto serve it.
5 The activities carried out by the company have a significant impact on the active contribution to the growth and development of the society.
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Participation in community activities ‏
6 The company offers the opportunity to participate in the awareness and training programs that it supervises.
7 The company supports community-based activities that contribute to their advancement ‏
8 The company is making efforts in humanitarian and voluntary contributions and initiatives. ‏
Efforts to preserve the environment
9 In carrying out its work, the company takes priority to the principle of safety in order to avoid the risks and accidents that may result from it.
10 The Company is aware of the importance and preservation of the environment element and therefore takes into account this element while performing its work
11 The Company takes the necessary precautions to reduce any inconvenience that may result from its execution of its business
12 The company provides everyone with opportunities to learn about its business aspects.
13 The company took upon itself the definition of its work by various means and means
14 Overall satisfaction of the company