Jordan Aviation gives great attention to its charter services since it is the number one in charter business in the region, and has a market share of 60%to70%. Ever since it became a certified vendor for the U.N peace keeping troops, JATE is providing The U.N. with flights to all areas of tension in the world such as Sirra Leon, Sudan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Liberia, Porto prince, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition to that, JATE started providing tourism charters on seasonality basis for group traveling since 2002. Furthermore, Jordan Aviation is experienced in programming charter flights for the hajj season and transports pilgrims to and from Saudi Arabia. For the past five years JATE transported most of the Iraq Hajj load mainly, as well as from other destinations such as Afghanistan and Nigeria. Finally, JATE is considered to b an expert in when it comes to the Air Taxi and VIP charter services.

Long Term Contracts

Jordan Aviation has signed several long term contracts on long term charter services, with institutions, organizations, and even other airlines. Jordan Aviation’s most known long term contract was signed with United Nations in order to program charter flights for the peace keeping troops, in addition to the humanitarian flights with the world food program and international organization of migration. Additionally; we have operated many long term contracts for the transport of tourists to several tourism destinations in the area, we were able to build a strong demand on the tourism destinations such as Istanbul, Antalya, Dalaman, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Aswan, and many other destinations.


Jordan Aviation provides ON ‘As-Needed’ Basis charter services. This is provided for group traveling tours, and mainly for the Air Taxi and VIP flights.

VIP Charters

Jordan Aviation provides professional High class Flights you may need on board our flexible fleet which will form a large number of travel solutions for the customer. Enjoy our comfortable flights and our high standards on board services, and for sure the extra services. We provide our service to business men, international organizations, and we could provide medical flights including its special equipment. We have operated many flights of this type along the years, which added a wide experience to our airline and made us the leader in the region in this business.

Charter Services

Jordan Aviation provides the air transportation services worldwide. With our over thirteen years of experience in providing the charter flights services, and our well trained and customer satisfying oriented crew; we are the leader airline in the region in this type of business. If you have an event, business, or tourism trip, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to experience the most comfortable flight ever holding the best values in the charter industry. As an airline, our goal is to fulfill the satisfaction and the comfort of our passengers whatever challenges may exist.