Jordan Aviation is awarded the IOSA


Jordan Aviation has announced that it has been awarded the IATA certification by the IATA for its adherence to the International Federation of Air Safety (IATA) standards, which is an internationally recognized standard for international airlines.


The Jordanian Air Quality certification was awarded by the French company Quali Audit through a six-month inspection and inspection team to identify all the operations, training, maintenance, ground and administrative services of Jordan Aviation. In addition, On the management standard and levels of control and quality.

Commenting on this achievement, Air Jordan Chief Executive Officer Zuhair Al-Khashman said that the report submitted by the mission to IATA Jordan Air applies the international standards positively. He said that this is the seventh time that the company has obtained this high evaluation. To the successful Jordanian aviation experiences.

This is the seventh evaluation in 2018 and the renewal of the certificate was announced on the IATA site, where the certificate of the company was officially renewed for the seventh time for the next two years.

The IATA is awarded the IOSA certification for aviation safety and aviation security, which meets a long list of international standards and standards. It includes more than 1,400 major terminals with accessories doubling their actual number. This certification has become a prerequisite for IATA entry. In some countries, regular.

It is worth noting that Jordan Aviation is a wholly owned Jordanian private company with local Jordanian investments. It was established in 1998 as the first private sector airline in the Arab world. The company currently has 14 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. .