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In 2005, we established Arabia for Professional Skills & Development (APSD) to qualify professional technical capacity within the aviation sector, including pilots, engineers, and ground handling specialists.

Since its inception, (APSD) has trained 100’s of pilots and aviation related personnel as per the course listed of the next page.
The outlook for (APSD) is to become an Aviation university in Jordan.

The training delivered by APSD includes the followings:

  1. Pilot Type Rating Training:
  • Airbus A 310.
  • Airbus A 320.
  • Boeing B737.
  • Boeing B767.


       2.Cabin Crew Training:

  • Basic Cabin Crew Safety.
  • Cabin Crew Safety Refresher.
  • Supervisory skills.

       3. HR Development courses:

  • Human Recourses Management.
  • Office Management & secretarial.
  • Public Relations and Behavioral Skills.
  • Communication and Presentation Skills.
  • Safety Awareness.
  • Health, Environment, and OSHA.
  • Purchase, Sales, Marketing.


       4. Fundamental Courses: 

  • Computer skills.
  • ICDL.
  • Typing Courses.
  • Basic Conversational English.
  • Engineering Courses.
  • System Courses for Engineers.
  • On Job Training Courses for Technicians.